Immerse yourself in a sea of ​​possibilities.
Discover how the power of the oceans provides
pure experience and practical 

1000 m² inspiration

Come by and be inspired. 
With an experience 
center of over 1000 m², 
the O'Sea showroom
is a showcase for your possibilities.
From pure customization for the design
of your salon to the combination 
of house styles and 
individual furniture: the many
test setups show you a range of 
for your own salon.

. Different test cabins
. Full product collection
. Modern training room
. Wide range of interior examples


Time for quality

Would you like to browse the dunes
in peace, test professional cabins
yourself or have a full tour tailored 
to your needs? Our experienced employees 
are happy to make time for you and all 
your questions. This way we can help you 
even better and you will receive all 
the answers for your specific