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Thanks to this compact Kajal screen, you discover no less than 10 different colors. The Italian makeup brand Mia offers you a wide range of endless eye pencils in different colors that last all day thanks to their ultra-smooth texture. It also makes an ideal base for creamy or powdery eyeshadow. The kohl kajal eye pencil is known to be able to draw a thicker line. This one is particularly suited to the inside of the eye. With the eyeliner eye pencil we offer you a 3rd series of eye pencils. This increases the expressiveness of the eyes and the intensity of the gaze. Provides intense, vibrant color that's also easy to blend. The eyeliner pencil can be used both inside and outside the eye for a smudge-free result. Convenient to choose from your transparent display stand and use in your beauty salon. Makeup artists love these pencils. Order them ahead of time and pick a small, striking place to showcase it.

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